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Praise Him Anyway: The Blessing Is the Storm

Have you ever faced a storm in life which caused you to question your faith? Have you ever had to reassess whether you unequivocally believe the truths you have fervently proclaimed throughout your life? Praise Him Anyway: The Blessing Is the Storm chronicles the whirlwind of emotions we often experience as we face life’s most challenging moments. Reflecting on some of life's biggest storms offers insight into the journey towards a greater understanding of the purpose behind life’s difficulties, the lessons we can learn from them, and the power we have through God to overcome. In highlighting the experiences of men and women in the Bible, truths are revealed about the way God uses our trials to move us to a stronger, more lasting faith through a deeper relationship with him. Through examining the ways Biblical characters tackle their struggles, we can gain insight into how we should operate when dealing with our own challenges. Praise Him Anyway: The Blessing Is the Storm  provides ten lessons learned in life's storms to offer comfort, peace, and a declaration of God’s unlimited power to carry us through any circumstance.  

Book cover Praise him 2022 cropped.png

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Growing Wild 

A Novel 

Luella Greene spent the bulk of her childhood passed amongst relatives. Growing up in a small northeast Georgia town in the 1920s, she is forced to navigate the trepid terrain of racism, poverty, and loss as the Reconstruction era ends, giving rise to the Great Depression.  As she embarks on a search for her long-lost mother, she comes face-to-face with demons that have haunted her and her family for years. As she discovers facts about her family's history, she uncovers triumphs and failures experienced along the way on her family's quest for opportunity, self-fulfillment, and the pursuit of the American dream.  This journey takes her on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, ushering her into the life changing sphere of acceptance and reconciliation, followed by an unexpected tragedy that halts this journey prematurely.  Growing Wild is a coming-of-age story about a young woman braving the pains of abandonment, family secrets, and betrayal as she searches for the mother she's never known.  It showcases the impact of neglected wounds and the imprint they can leave for generations to come. But even more, it conveys the tenacity of the human spirit and the value endowed to us all despite our past or current failures.  


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