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A New Thing

A beautiful sunrise is perhaps one of life's greatest gifts. It can lift even the lowest of spirits and make known the majesty and wonder of God. It is evidence that every morning ushers in a new day, a new hope, another opportunity to get things right, to become at one with the creator of all things. This new day is a chance to live out the destiny God has planned for us.

October 11th, 2021 proved to be that new day for me. I finally published my first book, an accomplishment I had dreamed of since my youth. My 12 year writing journey had often made this accomplishment seem out of reach, but a setback in life made my perspective change. Funny how the toils of life can lessen the power of your fears over you. The world around me was falling apart so I figured I had nothing to lose. Suddenly the fear that had been holding me back for so long took a backseat to the courage required to follow the path God had set before me.

Isaiah 43 speaks of God doing a new thing. It speaks of the importance of not relegating God's deliverance to the manner in which he saved in the past, but believing that his future deliverance would far exceed his prior efforts. God said even the parting of the Red Sea would pale in comparison to what he was about to do. God would undeniably outdo himself.

Do we view God's working in our life this way or do we limit God? Do we place him in a box of our own making, not allowing him to bring about loud miracles in our lives-- miracles that are so grand that all who see them will know that God's hand was in them? As we embark on a new day, let us operate as faithful servants living in expectation of great things in our lives, followers of God who recognize the fullness and the majesty of the God we serve.

After publishing my first book, I began writing my second, and four months later received a book deal. God is doing great things and I know it is not of my own doing but all because of his grace and power at work. My prayer is that we all allow God to have his way in our lives, letting go and allowing God's awesome power to manifest itself in magnificent ways. Let God be God, and let him do a new thing in your life today.

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